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"You make dreams come true..." Beth, a Minneapolis Teacher

You make dreams come true - for children, and for their teacher 
too.  Sesame Street Live “1-2-3 Imagine” was fantastic!  I really loved the 
idea and story.  The day before seeing the show, our vocabulary word for 
the day in class was "journey".  We talked about what the word meant and 
where we would like to take a journey to.  Many of the boys and 
girls picked destinations of Mexico (14 of my students are from 
there), the African jungle, and tropical islands.  How special it 
was to have those places brought to life on the stage today!  And 
what a great lesson - that we can actually travel to those places 
in our imagination.  Sesame Street Live is truly an amazing production!  The 
lights, costumes, songs, staging are fabulous.  The results of all 
your work are unbelievable!  You put smiles on my students’ faces and a 
song in their heart - you made a difference in their lives!
Many thanks,
Beth – a Minneapolis teacher