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What are the benefits of bringing my classroom or daycare group to Sesame Street Live?

In addition to enjoying discounted ticket prices, there are important advantages to attending Sesame Street Live as a group. Every Sesame Street Live production features an original storyline chock full of educational building blocks ranging from math to the alphabet to being healthy -- as well as emotional and behavioral teaching moments such as getting along with others, mutual respect and understanding.

Plan Ahead!

Sesame Street Live mirrors Sesame Street, the PBS television program, and follows its research-based educational style. Give your group the opportunity to prepare for and participate in the subject matter of the production. Incorporate the production’s educational themes into current lesson plans or develop new ones by following the ideas we offer here. Review our show themes and download the classroom activities to make the field trip to Sesame Street Live a lasting valuable experience. And remember, as a group, you receive discounted tickets to the venue in your area!

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